Like I said on the homepage, I’m 42, married, and about to semi-retire. I also have the cutest-kitty-in-the-world! and her name is Wiggles. She’s pink-meated. We live in Denver, CO, along with my husband. Modest house, modest investment property, no debt (other than mortgages), a snobbery for fine dining, and i like long walks around this lake.

So, what’s the site about anyways? As hinted, a “girl has got to live.” How one defines “living” is the key. For me, it’s living with a little more than enough (sometimes a lot more), extricating from bad situations, living frugally, retiring early, and being an all around decent person. I’m not the nicest person you’ll meet, and I don’t buy into the “organic” craze. Sometimes, all you want is a cup o’noodle beef flavor, and that’s ok.