Things I don’t understand about my husband.

There are some things that i just don’t understand. They are illogical and completely nonsensical to me. They come from my husband, naturally.

  1. When my husband fixes himself a cocktail, he fills the glass with ice. When he is finished drinking the liquid portion and wants to make a 2nd of the same cocktail, he THROWS OUT the remaining ice pieces, and starts completely over. This completely boggles my mind. It is ICE. It functions equally well at different sizes. When we first started living together and i noticed this habit, I tried to fix him. After all, coming from drought-ridden SoCal, this was an abomination. It is good ice. Just. Use. It.  I’ve had to accept this idiotic habit, for the sake of the marriage. Still makes no sense to me whatsoever.
  2. Again, with water conservation. In the mornings, my husband will walk to the kitchen, turn on the kitchen sink FULL BLAST, place his head under the running water and drink from it. I don’t know why he acts like a barbarian, especially since he is already in the kitchen and he can fill up a glass of filtered water from the fridge and drink from it. This habit irks me two-fold – 1) water wasting and 2) barbarian. I don’t know exactly why he does this, but seriously????
  3. The other day, my husband asked me to help spray the weeds around the house. Now, I’ve come a long way in my gardening knowledge. A few years ago, i had no idea what “mulch” was. I had no idea it was a thing. Now, we have a garden every summer, and we grow mostly peppers. Anyways, there are certain green things that spring up. He likes to call them weeds. Sure, there are some that do look weird and prickly and jagged and not pretty. However, when literally 2 blades of grass come up thru the mulch and i have to spray weed killer on them, come on.
  4. In the winter, we sleep with a bedsheet, a blanket and a comforter. And we usually have the heat on. In previous summers, we slept with the same exact setup – bedsheet, blanket and comforter, with the air conditioner on. When the weather started turning this year, i removed the blanket so now it’s just the bedsheet and comforter. It took 4 summers of this and discussing why can’t we be more efficient until i just upped and removed the blanket. He has no idea what hit him.

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