It is finished.

Actually, it finished a while ago, on August 14th, to be exact. My end date was technically July 31, but no one was even “hired” until July 28. So, out of the goodness of my heart, i negotiated to stay on another 2 weeks to train the new person, for a much higher fee. During that time, i was reminded that i hate training and i should not have done it. Thankfully, it is over.

The freedom is exhilarating. I’ve been reading a lot of books that i get (for free!) from the library. And since i shuttle back and forth from Denver – LA, i get to access to both libraries!!! Best of both literary worlds. I also have time to cook and make stuff. I enjoy cooking and baking in general. The other day, i cooked dinner but it took me almost all day, it seemed. Or at least several hours, but normally i would not get to spend so long in the kitchen.

What hasn’t changed though, is my patience level with mom. I am still as annoyed as ever when she doesn’t listen to me or does pointless tasks. I thought that since i would not be constrained by time without a ft job, this would give me more patience and empathy. I was wrong.

Good news is that my financials have increased since i last posted about them back in February. Using the same house valuation, my net worth is approx 563k. The market has been good to me thus far, as everything i have is in stock mutual funds, except for the house. I know it may go down, but i just have to stay the course. Be like Jack Bogle.



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