2 week here, 2 weeks there

Since the beginning of this year (2017), i’ve been living a double life. I spend 2 weeks in Denver with Jeremy and Wiggles, and 2 weeks in LA with my mom. The sibs and i have a loose rotational mom-duty schedule, so we’re all putting in our time. 2 weeks is quite a long time, i’ve come to realize. Patterns start to get a rhythm, but then get destroyed without discipline and regularity.

When i’m with my mom, a typical day is something like this:
Morning – mom wakes up before i do and goes outside to do yardwork. I eventually wake up, do my morning routine, then call her in for breakfast. She eats, we go to get newspaper, come home and i work while she looks at newspaper/falls asleep on couch.
Noon – For lunch, we usually go out. Some of the regular places we visit are Ono Hawaiian, i heart boba, Vietnamese place. After coming back home, mom sleeps on the floor, ideally for 2 hours.
Afternoon – I let mom go outside at about 5 pm to do yard work or water her guava trees. At least it’s cooler then. She’ll stay out until i call her in for dinner, around 7:30-ish.
Dinner – Eat a small bowl of food, usually leftovers.
Evening – if i’m feeling magnanimous, i will offer to take her to Goodwill to shop. She loves that place. If not Goodwill, then it’s probably 168 so she can buy apples.

I think she experiences a little bit of withdrawal once i leave. She’s all alone, even though my sister comes by every day to take care of her. And not just a short visit, it’s for hours. But eventually, she has to go home and tend to her own family and she doesn’t sleep over at moms. I not only sleep at moms, i sleep in the same bed with her.

I don’t know how long i will be able to keep this up. I do know that while it’s not ideal for any one person, it seems to be buying us some time. My own home life is suffering, but when JS is just drinking it all away anyways, it’s not too difficult a choice.


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