It’s the 4-month countdown….

Today is April 1 – just 4 more months until I’m free. No joke.

I cannot wait. I’ve been jotting down a list of things that might interest me when i’m retired. Anytime something catches my curiosity, i write it down. A few items on the list are:

bartending school
book clubs
making a fire pit
cooking classes
real estate
Diverbo (volunteer conversation partner program abroad)

I’ve also got a few items on this list that might help me to generate cash, if i need. Such as:

Uber driving
networking contacts
Visit Denver (for restaurant week program)
refi home loan

Who knows if i’ll get to all or even any of these when August comes. I’ve even got a loose travel plan from August to December!

August – stay home and take care of JS while he recovers from foot surgery
September – enjoy Denver, bring Mom? or take Mom to Taiwan?
October – personal trip!
November – Cabo with JS and his parents
December – LA for Christmas

The beauty of this is that there is absolutely no pressure. I can pick and choose whatever i want at the moment i want. I’m also enjoying the list as a daydreaming tool. It’s glorious.


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