Yes, i said it. Urinary tract infection. It’s uncomfortable to talk about because of the implications, but this is a common and pretty serious thing for the elderly. I’m fairly certain my mom has had one, actually many, in the past. She is on antibiotics now.

Last week was a very bad week for my mom. And by that, i meant it was a bad week for me dealing with my mom. She was just so stubborn, doing crazy nonsensical things. Her fall was what finally clicked – maybe she has a UTI. Took her to the doc, told them i think she has a UTI, got a urine sample, and they put her on antibiotics right away. There was a marked improvement in her behavior in just a couple of days. She’s not acting crazy, she doesn’t have to pee all the time, and her bathroom habits don’t seem as bad as in the recent past. She’s even said she feels much better.

I’m thrilled that she feels better on the meds. I’m also slightly horrified that we’ve let her go on this long with a UTI. I mean, she fell several years ago in the back yard and hit her head. That’s when i took her to the ER. Interestingly, no one in the ER even though of testing her for a UTI. They took a lot of other tests though, but not a simple urine test.

Apparently, UTIs in elderly don’t show the same symptoms as in young people. There is no pain or burning sensation to let you know there’s a problem. I think acting crazier than normal is a big indication, plus falling.

So that’s something us kids will need to watch out for. And if there’s any suspicion that she has it, we’ve got to take her immediately to the doc to get antibiotics.


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