On Mom

This week has been a very bad week for me and mom. It’s extremely difficult when we have different values, coupled with mom not knowing what is appropriate. For example, she went to get her hair washed yesterday, which costs about $16-17. An appropriate tip on that is just rounding it up to $20. But, because she says there are 2 different people who touch her hair, she needs to tip them each $5. Each. That becomes a very expensive hair wash.

I got very angry with her and said that it’s too much, but she just wouldn’t listen. She suggested that she walk home after it was done, and i said ok. (I had dropped her off.) Naturally, i did not make her walk home, but it felt like the right retort in the moment.

Looking back, i’m still angry about it. However, it’s just one of the many things she does that misaligns with values that i hold. In the end, it’s just money (in this case), and what’s an extra $10 spent when you (mom) feels like it was worth it?


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