Closet Extrovert

My entire life, i’ve identified as an introvert – quiet, introspective, thinking, observant. And my self diagnosis solidified when i read the bible of introverts – Quiet by Susan Cain. It spoke directly to me, as if it just got me, ya know?

Imagine my surprise last weekend, when i attended a dear friend’s baby shower. Over the years, our circles of influence have had many touch points – college roommates, 20s friendship of hanging out and having fun, 30s networking, and…we can stop there. So, when i attended her shower, even being one of the first persons there and arriving alone (I did walk in with her parents), i found that i knew many many people! I chatted with her previous colleagues who retired from advertising, the hosts of the shower whom i’ve met many times at her bridal shower, wedding, etc, her current colleagues that i now also work with on a seasonal project, her brother, and of course, the friends we had in college and in our 20s-30s. I actually found myself not uncomfortable and even working the room and flitting from one conversation to another! I felt confident, self-assured, and definitely not self-conscious like i normally do when i’m in a social situation. In fact, i left the event energized and wondering, “Who am I??”

Granted, this event occurred after 2 very long weeks of dealing with my mother; perhaps it was pent-up angst? Not sure what is happening here….


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