Not Winning

All around me, stupid and evil are winning. Take the election for example. Take the Superbowl for example.

I’ve just come to realize that after working my ass off for almost 2 decades with the same company/group, that stupidity and laziness wins. Passing the buck wins. Not taking responsibility wins. Doing nothing wins.

Here i am, trying to figure out if i should still complete my timesheets. Nobody else is doing them, and nobody did them before. But upper management has asked us to do them. So, i do them, i encourage my team to do them. Does anyone even look at them? Does it matter? I’m certain that the higher ups are not doing them either.

And if i can focus on something as trivial as timesheets, consider how i might exhaust a real task that directly generates cash.

There is so much stupidity and inanity around. I can’t take it anymore. This is 1 of many reasons why i’m quitting. Clearly, my work ethic is not being rewarded. It’s the ones that don’t do anything well or right or even much that are being rewarded.

It’s not fair and i don’t need it. All i look forward to is the light at the end of the tunnel.



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